Flirt Custom Lash Studio, founded by Sommer Dunsmuir, came to us for a website redesign in 2011. Sommer is a talented Lash Extension Artist with a vibrant, super-fun personality, and needed to have a website that reflected this. She was also having issues with her old site not being indexed/found by Google, so we aimed to correct this for her.

We also assisted with fine tuning her branding, as well as updating her Social Media design and incentives.

Since we launched in November, 2011 Flirt Custom Lash Studio has been very busy keeping up with bookings and has had to hire three new artists for her Burlington location. We can’t take all of the credit for her growth of over 300% of online bookings, as we’ve heard she’s one of the best Lash Artist’s in the GTA. Congratulations on your success Sommer, and look forward to working with you as you and your business continue to grow.


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